The Way to a Man’s Heart

The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, so lavishly bestowed upon us every delicious seed-bearing plant in this wonderful paradise that we call Earth.  He said, “They will all be yours…”(Genesis 1:29).   Yours to enjoy, to nurture your body, to relish in their beauty, to inhale their sweet scent, to taste their juicy flesh and to delight in their wonder-working powers.  As the first man and woman discovered, the sensation of these seed-bearing plants are irresistible.     

Eve being excited to share the tempestuous fruit with her love,  wanted Adam to experience pleasure.  The same she experienced.  The act of presenting nurishment for another clearly speaks the language of love.  It says to the beloved that you are wanted, that you are loved, that you are desired, and that you are worthy.   It is an expression of love.  With intention and the subliminal effects of certain foods, feeding your love is a form of foreplay, a purposeful seduction.  Catering to this primative physical and emotional need of man to eat forms a foundation of trust that allows you to feed desire.    Amorous cooking induces libidinous thoughts, impulses and a feeling of euphoria. 

 I welcome you to explore with me the way to a man’s heart.

Lovingly yours,

Honey L’Amour

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