Month: November 2011

The Kitchen Vision

 When I ponder on the word “kitchen”, many thoughts come to mind.  The first thought is of my grandmother.  This woman was an amazing cook, in fact, she was a culinary genius.  She created her own recipes on a whim, from sophisticated to elegant simplicity to down home goodness.  Everything  was deliciously prepared.  The word chores come to mind.  I was my grandmother’s “sous chef”, I cleaned the dishes, the refrigerator, the oven, made shopping lists, shopped, chopped, and most time made the cornbread.   I was also honored to make grandmother breakfast in bed on Saturday.  To be chosen to cook for the Madame of the Kitchen was honorary.  I also think of “mise en place”.  Prepping all of the ingredients for ease in transforming the raw ingredients into a wonderful combination of deliciousness.  Now with a vision to transform “my kitchen” into a cookbook and host a You Tube channel cooking show [amorous cooking], I think of “studio”, “expression”, “love”, “journey”, “inspiration”,  and “entertaining” when I hear the word “kitchen”.  On some level, I created a kitchen studio.  The walls are adorned with hugging bananas, a reclining salad lady, tomatoes holding hands on a “first date”, a collection of heart-shaped serving dishes, red pots, and more hearts on everything from the dish towels to cooling racks, it  speaks the message of amorous cooking, it symbolically tells my story in connection to my kitchen and how I express myself through cooking.

As I think logistically through manifesting the kitchen vision, one area of detail I consider is image.  By one’s image, many conclusions are drawn, but moreover, one’s image, is an expression of their inner beliefs, values, and ideals.  A hostess should always, look as good as the food she prepared.   I love the femininity of the 1940’s.  It was all about the sexy pin-up essence and the power of sexy femininity.  I have a few aprons in my collection to help express this belief.  The most precious one, is a white sheer, red-trimmed apron that I found in a vintage store on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington.   While looking for new aprons to add, I discovered Carolyn’s Kitchen.  She has the cutest selection of aprons and matching cleaning gloves.  And speak to amorous cooking.  Another fun place for aprons is ‘Flirty Aprons’.  The ‘Sugar & Spice’ and ‘Sassy Red’ are also in my kitchen couture closet.     

There is much to do and learn on this journey of realizing my kitchen vision.  It’s exciting, fun, and yet it requires focus, work and dedication.  It’s a test of my commitment and faith to see it through.  I am thankful.  I give gratitude for the endless abundance I enjoy today and everyday, I am truly thankful for the many blessings my kitchen has brought me and will continue to bring me.  

Aprons – Carolyn’s Kitchen: and Flirty Aprons:

Very truly,

Cafe L’Amour

Jin Ja

I made the most amazing discovery last Friday (11/19 /2011).  Di Bruno Brothers, an Italian gourmet market in Philadelphia that has been around since 1939, hosted an Oyster event.  It was a wonderful display of oysters from the west to the east coasts.  They were offered raw on the half shell, accompanied with lemon slices and hot sauce.  There were a number of  other inventive sauces, they offered them in dressing and in a delicious chowder style soup.  This was this initial draw.  I’m researching oysters right now for  my cookbook, but in so doing, I made a new discovery, that very appropriately belongs in my treasure chest of experiences.  A concoction (an herbal tonic) of  fresh ginger, cayenne, lemon, mint, and green tea awakened something feisty in me.  I felt altogether sexy drinking this sophisticated blend of classic aphrodisiacs.  Champagne and oysters pair nicely, but in any preparation for a vivacious encounter, I also recommend pairing them with Jin Ja.  Just like the bottle states, it is refreshing, invigorating and stimulating.  You have to try it for yourself!

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DiBruno Brothers:

Jin Ja:

Lovingly yours,

Honey L’Amour