Jin Ja

I made the most amazing discovery last Friday (11/19 /2011).  Di Bruno Brothers, an Italian gourmet market in Philadelphia that has been around since 1939, hosted an Oyster event.  It was a wonderful display of oysters from the west to the east coasts.  They were offered raw on the half shell, accompanied with lemon slices and hot sauce.  There were a number of  other inventive sauces, they offered them in dressing and in a delicious chowder style soup.  This was this initial draw.  I’m researching oysters right now for  my cookbook, but in so doing, I made a new discovery, that very appropriately belongs in my treasure chest of experiences.  A concoction (an herbal tonic) of  fresh ginger, cayenne, lemon, mint, and green tea awakened something feisty in me.  I felt altogether sexy drinking this sophisticated blend of classic aphrodisiacs.  Champagne and oysters pair nicely, but in any preparation for a vivacious encounter, I also recommend pairing them with Jin Ja.  Just like the bottle states, it is refreshing, invigorating and stimulating.  You have to try it for yourself!

Learn more:

DiBruno Brothers: http://www.dibruno.com/

Jin Ja:  http://www.jinjadrink.com/Jin-Ja/Home.html

Lovingly yours,

Honey L’Amour

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