New Year ~ Eat Oysters, Love Longer Part II

Union Oyster House ~ New Year’s Day 2012 ~ Cheers!

The day after Christmas, after being so abundantly blessed and inspired, I assembled my 2012 vision board.  My board is themed “savor the journey, life is more delicious here”.  It encompasses my passion for cuisine, travel, reading, writing and the high ideal of love.  The vision board speaks through symbols to my subconscious whose job it is to manifest my deepest my desires.  Gazing into to my board after carefully placing the symbols I collected from magazines, brochures, newspapers, mailers, etcetera, I set before myself the goal to publish and write a novella cookbook and produce a corresponding cook show on “amorous cooking”.  I will finely define amorous cooking as I progress but for now I have worked through a draft project timeline complete with milestones, detailed tasks, weekly schedules and a budget.  I officially initiated the project plan with a trip to Boston to:  1. Commemorate the start of this new year and new focus and 2. To research chapter one, oysters.   A backpack up to its seam with books, a laptop, camcorder, notebooks, sharpened pencils, high-lighters and colored pens, I implemented my agenda.  I caught the Megabus from Philadelphia to Boston.  A pleasant six-hour ride both directions.  Magabus is the Cadillac of buses; it was precious, undisturbed study-time.  My objective was to visit the sea and towns acclaimed for their amazing seafood and most importantly in this case, amazing oysters.  I visited the first restaurant in America.  The Union Oyster House, established in 1826.  It certainly had the presence of the old world.  My focus narrow however, I intently engaged all of my senses and dedicated my attention on the oyster.  How it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, its texture, the presentation.  Thoughts of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, who came surfing to the shore on a half-shell evoked her presence.   A waiter came by, in a shy, boy like manner, to fill my glass with water, and all the while showered me with flattery.  “Hello, and Happy New Year, you are very attractive”.  I wished him a Happy New Year too and thanked him kindly.  He then proceeded to send his colleagues out to take a gander, as I hear one of them return to the kitchen saying “Yea, she is pretty”.  I proceeded with the ritual of partaking in the food of the Love Goddess.  With my gold and black top hot tilted to the side, a flute of Champagne in one hand and a half-shell in the other, I cheered, in one sensual swallow, to an extraordinary new year ahead and to Love. 

Deliciously yours,

Honey L’Amour

  For more on oysters:


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