Aphroditic Enchantment

Presencing the Goddess of Love

In the kitchen of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite contemplates what to feed her lover.  Alas, after a moment in thought, she is inspired by desire and develops a menu replete with a dash of adoration, a dish of pleasure, a bowl of seduction and a glass of eroticism.  These love bites are known as aphrodisiacs.  Under her domain, they enhance our sexual appetite.  An aphrodisiac can be a food, drink, drug, a scent or image that elicits desire and arousal.  Its appeal to the senses is provocative and is the focus in Amorous Cooking.  This method of cooking is a ritual, an intended seduction.  A presencing of the goddess, an understanding of the psychology of desire and knowing which foods feed human sexual desire evokes the Goddess of Love and gives you the blessed privilege to serve sex on a plate. 

Presencing the Goddess of Love

The divine Aphrodite rules over all sensuality.  She is responsible for sexual love, romantic love, the coming together of two.  Her

Aphroditic Presence

Josephine Baker, dubbed the "Black Venus"

mission is to make sure that people desire each other.  To welcome her presence in your kitchen is to spice your food with pleasure so subtle and yet so apparent that seduction waylays your lover.  Invocate her presence before you begin cooking by honoring to her divinity.  Light a non-scented red candle and call her by one of her many names, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Pleasure, Goddess of Sensuality, Diva of Desire, Siren of Sex, and then recite an invocation such as, “how beautiful you are, the one who rose from the sea deep, you are the embodiment of arousal, you exude all that is sensual, all that is desirable, all that is pleasurable, grace this place with your divinity.  Let your sweet essence infuse all therein with desire. And so it is.”  As one who rose from the sea and is administer of the garden, her symbols include red roses, pearls, seashells and doves.  Adorn yourself with pearls, place red roses in your kitchen as you cook and play romantic or erotic music.  For a desired erotic dinner, I let Prince beckon the goddess or for desired romance, Maxwell will do the honors.  Those that purposefully administer aphrodisiacal agents are sacristans of the goddess of sensuality, she blesses your intended seduction. 

Psychology of Desire

The Kitchen extends to the eating area, be it in a dining room, kitchen, living room or bedroom, the environment with all of its subliminal messaging speaks to the psyche.  It tells it what it should perceive.  Since sexual pleasure occurs in the brain according to Dr. Michael J. Bader, author of “Arousal”, setting the tone of the dining experience environment is a key in Amorous Cooking.  Candlelight is soft and sensual, burn enough candles so that it is the only light you need, if dining in the evening, even in the day, candles add a romantic element.  Keep the candles non-scented for dining, your cooking is the star and the competing scents may not be complimentary.  Red roses strategically placed, erotic images.  Sensual artwork is exciting to the senses.  Maybe you have a statue of the goddess off to the side, yet still in plain sight.  A sexy picture of yourself framed in a nearby location, again, the same concept, off to the side, yet in plain site.  The music you choose should convey the message you wish to deliver further.  Allow all of this stimulation work on your lover’s psyche as you, the mistress of seduction is also enticingly dressed and deliciously presented.  Each subtle element has profound implications for sexuality; you are building layers, deepen the effect of the seduction and enhancing the psychological desire for pleasure.  A longing for something that deeply wanted.  A feeling of need that it hurts to be without it.  This sensation leaves lasting impressions, it reminds one of intense passion, sensual touch, exciting fantasies and subtle emotions of sex. 

The Goddess in Food

The Goddess in Food

Food is the great metaphor able to transport us to the sexual.  Sex and food are both bodily, sensual, physical and pleasurable.  On the subtle side, the sexual shape of many foods evoke sexual images. The image of Aphrodite.  The sculpture of which we are all familiar.    The curve of her hip, her seductive smile, her gestures, the placing of her hands over her shapely breasts and pubic area, glancing back over her shoulder to her buttocks, tending to her bracelets.  These delightful images of the goddess are alluring and inviting.  This same contour and association are reflected in nature of which the human body is a reflection.  Gazing at an apple for instance, subtly reminds you of the round curves of the of the goddess of pleasure.  Sensual images are equally erotice for the male physique.  The phallic banana is a constant reminder of males potency.  It is the law of similarity.  Many ancient people believed in the law of similarity, reasoning that an object resembling genitalia may possess sexual powers. Oysters are a classical example.  The symbology runs deeply, fruit bearing plants are the ripened ovaries of a female flower and on many level we can see this.  Nature’s beauty is the essence of sexuality.  Natural aphrodisiacs are nutrient rich and specifically nourish the sex organs and when these pleasure receptors are signaled from the psyche, they are well able to perform as a result.

In honor of Love, amorous cooking and all it encompasses, may pleasure be our greatest good.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour


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