Power Trippin’, Day 1: The Taste of Love

Dearly Beloved,

As you well know, Philadelphia is nicknamed the City of Brotherly of Love. 

City of Brotherly Love
"Les Belle Dames"

I guess this is because of the alliance that William Penn made with the Natives of this land when he and the other Quakers arrived in the “new” found world.  There is a lot behind the story and I don’t proclaim to know the half of it, but the name is catchy and can be applied to any scenario where love is involved.  My daughter, Lovely, and her beautiful step-mother, MR Hassien, came out for a visit.  The purpose of the trip was multi-dimensional, but it was mostly about Lovely and supporting her dream.  She has great aspirations to build a beauty and fashion conglomerate.  She is a creative writing major at the Denver School of Arts, a model, an actress, a makeup artist and has a natural head for business.  For her birthday, she asked for tickets to the International Makeup Artists Tradeshow (“IMAT”) in New York City and that’s how the three of us came together for this 3-day “Power Trip”.  It is filled with amazing stories and memories that we will each hold dear in our hearts.  As such, what you eat on a trip, for business or pleasure, or both in this case, can define your experience in that city.  Day 1 eats on this Power Trip was nothing but love.

Philly, Born and Raised

Peanut Chews
Chewin' it Old School

I greeted my Lovelies with gift bags full of Philadelphia treats.  I figured they would need a snack after traveling three and one half (3.5) hours from Denver to Newark, not to mention the additional two (2) hour drive to Philadelphia.  Tastykakes are a Philadelphia tradition.  The baking company makes krimpets, cupcakes, pies and other snacks, the first taste of Philly was the limited edition lemon cupcakes (Lovely’s favorite cake flavor) and the classic Philadelphia candy, Peanut Chews that have been an east coast favorite since 1917.  There were other goodies in the bags too, but no pretzels though, or ice-water…

Honey’s Sit n’ Eat

Acclaimed by some as an eatery where you can order blindly from the menu, this Northern Liberties

Honey's Sit n' Eat
Philadelphia, PA

neighborhood restaurant sets the bar high for delicious homestyle cookin’  with an infusion of Jewish and American tradition.  A place where you can have buttered challah with your grits!  It puts you in the mind of eating out of your neighbor’s kitchen, the one who can throw down and who sells “dinner plates” out of her kitchen.  The sounds of old school east coast hip hop played in the background, Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys only added to our east coast experience as we damn near licked our plates clean.  Lovely ordered the  Honey Cristo which is a cross between the traditional Monte Cristo and a Croque Madame.  The sunnyside up egg atop the ham and Swiss cheese French toast breakfast sandwich was perfectly prepared and absolutely delicious, I don’t know if it was the human beat boxing or the sandwich that had me dancing in my seat.    

The Honey Cristo

The Breakfast Bomb, a giant pancake stuffed with scrambled eggs and sausage (or another breakfast meat of your choice), at the request of MR Hassien was yummy, the sweet maple syrup combined with the savor of the sausage, the fluffy pancake and texture of the eggs was groovin’ just like the beats that had my head nodding.   I had the Enfrijoladas, yes, a Mexican dish.  My taste buds wanted to breakdance and cha cha.  A flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, black beans, topped with salsa verde, black bean puree, sour cream, queso fresco, radishes and mixed micro green salad, had my buds poppin’  all over my mouth.  Yo, everything was good, the service, the food, the location, the vibe, a perfect welcome to the City of Brotherly Love.  This cash only spot is where it’s at!

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies

After touring the city, from Northern Liberties to West Philly to Center City we took in the culture around us, the murals on the walls told it all, but not in the same sweet way as Insomnia Cookies.  Sweet mother of God, in the center of the city of Brotherly Love we discovered these unbelievable cookies baked to perfection.  Lightly crisp, yet soft and a little gooey on the inside.  Umph, umph, umph.  We ordered a dozen for our slumber party back in the room as we wrapped up day 1.  4 sugar cookies for my suga, 4 chocolate chip cookies for the cookie monster, MR Hassien (I had no idea J) and 4 peanut butter cookies for me.  Insomnia Cookies has a wide variety of cookies, is open late, delivers, ships and is the best cookie you’ll ever taste.

Philly tastes good, my taste buds love it! 

Tastily yours,

Honey L’Amour

P.S. For more on Power Trippin’ from Lovely’s fashion and makeup perspective, check out her blog at www.thelovelyinc.blogspot.com

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