Outstanding Pancakes! Green Eggs Cafe

The legendary Dr. Seuss had a fun, animated way of making a very good point. Do not judge something before you try it! Green Eggs Café is a nominee for a “2012 Best of Philly” recognition for best brunch as presented by Philadelphia Magazine. I’ll give it a “Honey L’Amour Seal of Approval” if I also recommend the establishment for brunch. I can not justly vote for any of the restaurants presented until I try them.  My rating judges the selection choice of the staff at Philadelphia Magazine and the choice eatery.

Green Eggs Café is located in the hip Northern Liberties neighborhood and is rumored to have lines that stretch the block. I’m drawn in by the name alone. But the location, concept and wit gives it even more appeal. “I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I Am” played in my mind a few times as I road on the Frankford line subway east-bound to Spring Garden station. I walked less than a half mile up 2nd street and arrived at a simple looking, straight line café on the right-hand side. I was greeted by a punk rock nouveau type, she lead me to a spot for one in the open area room. The tables are set up classroom style school. Up to six could fit at the table where I was seated. A couple sat a chair link over from me. I sat facing the window while top 40 music played in the backdrop. It wasn’t a particularly busy day, although it was steady. It was the Friday, before Memorial Day. I took the day off for two reasons. #1, I leave Philadelphia in less than two-weeks and want to squeeze in as much goodness as possible for the time remaining. And #2, I work Memorial Day weekend and wanted to get in a little “Honey L’Amour” time in.

The waitress brought over the menu but I already had a fixation on the Red Velvet pancakes. Ever persuasive, the menu reads “Red Velvet buttermilk pancakes with chocolate morsels layered with strawberry mascarpone and topped with fresh strawberries, maple syrup and chantilly cream.” Presented beautifully, the red pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and a mint leaf atop the chantilly cream looked delicious. This stack of jackflaps maintained a light, fluffy, pancake consistency and flavor, I think mainly due to the buttermilk, but as you sink your fork through the 3-stack and discover the layer of melted chocolate morsels and see the mascarpone oozing through the pancakes, you can taste how good it is before it even gets to your mouth. I added bacon, eggs, potatoes, coffee and freshly squeezed tangerine juice. This is brunch. About a quarter of the way through, I had to stop. I had the rest of the day before me. I went on a tour of City Hall and visited Midtown Village, a neighborhood in Center City. The day appeared to be full of whimsy but this light-hearted day proved to be just enough animated life to keep it light…and fluffy. As for a rating. Green Eggs Café, receives the “Honey L’Amour Seal of Approval” for outstanding pancakes! “I will eat them in a box, I will eat them with a fox, I will eat them in a house, I will eat them with a mouse, I’ll eat them here, I’ll eat them there, I’ll eat them anywhere.” Add Mimosas and Bloody Mary to the menu or a BYOB [limit it to champagne or vodka and require of one of your freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices to accommodate] option for a best brunch seal.

Delectably yours ~  Honey L’Amour

Red Velvet Pancakes $11

Learn more at www.greeneggscafe.com


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