PB&U – The PB&J Reinvented

PB & U Infused Menu

The creative engine from last Saturday’s (June 2, 2012) jazz and food festival didn’t stop at the Main Line. That train kept right on truckin’ down Lancaster Avenue where I met “Peanut Butter Creations” by PB and U.  This darling sandwich shop specializes in combining peanut butter sandwich spread with innumerable and untold pairings.  It’s true, not every PB&J is created equal.  I can attest to this from when my son was a toddler.  He would only eat PB&J prepared by his childcare provider.  I don’t know if it was how she spread the peanut butter over the bread or what bewitched my son, but what I do know, is that her peanut butter sandwich was a far cry from the creatively infused menu twisted by Mercury Amodio, the proprietor of PB and U.  Not even George Washington Carver, who discovered three hundred uses for peanuts, can compete with the unique combination of ingredients used to make sandwiches at this “PBologist” shop.

 I had the PB & Honey, Cinnamon Sugar, Raisins, and Cream Cheese melange.  I chose it because of the honey and the assumed ‘Philadelphia’ brand cream cheese.  These are two of my favorite foods, together and separately, but never have I had them combined with peanut butter. I thought the two creamy bases would compete, but they worked surprisingly well together, especially with the honey.  You can have your sandwich with creamy, chunky or chocolate peanut butter.  You can have peanut butter in a smoothie, a milkshake, with pickles, bacon, Fluff (marshmallow), cheddar cheese, carrots, potato chips or even pound cake.  Dr. Seuss flash backs invade me as I read over the choices, Mercury reminds me of Sam I Am.  “Could you, would you?”  I dare you.

Deliciously yours,

Honey L’Amour

Honey L’Amour Seal of Approval:

PB and honey, cinnamon sugar, raisins and cream cheese

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Learn more about PB and U at www.pbandu.com

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