Sexy Sells

Len Xiang "California Dreamin'"

Len Xiang
“California Dreamin'”

Advertised all over the NYC Metro subway system, the new ‘SexyPop’ popcorn marketing campaign naturally caught my attention.  What can’t sex sell?  Just the mere mention of the word ‘sex’ in a product’s name makes it desirable.  “SexyPop popcorn…The Joy of Sexy”,… “Hmmm, definitely a good brand of popcorn for a culinary seductress to have in her pantry”, I reasoned, as I set out on a quest to purchase a bag of SexyPop popcorn to try it for myself.  To my surprise, I could not find the popcorn at any of the stores I visited!  I thought that was odd, considering the big marketing campaign and all.  I figured it’ll just ‘show up’ on a day I’m not looking for it.  But, it didn’t. It became exceedingly more important to me that I have this popcorn. It would be a cute take away for a picnic I’m planning.  I stopped in every grocer I passed.  But to no avail, I did not find the popcorn in any of the snack food aisles that I searched.  One morning on my commute to the office, I was serenaded by a local artist, Len Xiang, who sang his rendition of “California Dreamin’” to me.  I purchased his CD a few weeks prior to that and let him know that I really enjoyed his version of the song, it’s one of my all-time favorites.  That was hot! I rode that euphoric sound wave all day.  Xiang only  added to my desire to have that SexyPop popcorn!

SexyPop Popcorn The Joy of Sexy

SexyPop Popcorn
The Joy of Sexy

The SexyPop ad worked out well as the backdrop to Xiang’s exclusive performance, and indeed, it was my joy to have such a sexy start to my day!  I went to the SexyPop website and ordered a sample case with one bag of popcorn for each tempting flavor: Black Pepper, French Butter, Lightly Salted, Bangin’ Cheddar, Bodacious Banana, and Brazilian Coconut.  The Bodacious Banana is not as outrageous as it sounds. The banana flavor is subtle and the popcorn is airy and lite. I am tickled pink to give a bag of this seductive popcorn to my picnic date!

“Be Smart. Be Thoughtful. Be Confident. That’s Sexy.” SexyPop

What makes SexyPop Sexy?  You!

To your sexual appetite,

Honey L’Amour, a culinary seductress

 Snack on the SexyPop popcorn while being seduced by the sultry sounds of Len Xiang:

Xiang performing “California Dreamin’ –

One comment

  1. Hey,

    Just read what you wrote about SexyPop.

    It was great!!! Thanks so much.

    Please let us you some “Sexy Swag” and additional product .
    Hope it ‘s not too late for your picnic.

    Best, Jackie

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