Feed ‘Em

The Monkey Man "Feed 'Em & Fuck 'Em

The Monkey Man
“Feed ‘Em & Fuck ‘Em

We are all familiar with the old saying, “Feed ‘em and fuck ‘em”.  There are variations, some may say “Feed ‘em, fuck ‘em and keep ‘em”, while others may say, “feed ‘em, fuck ‘em and leave ‘em”. Regardless of what happens after the meal, know this: In mating practices, NOTHING happens without the food!  This concept predates mankind, it is our primate ancestors that set this precedent. While visiting the Museum of Sex in Manhattan (MoSEX), the strong connection between food and sex really hit me as I observed the bonobo exhibit. Bonobos are highly sexed creatures. They behave as if they have read the Ananga Ranga, with their mouth-to-mouth kissing, oral sex and genital caressing.  But even an ape knows to woo with food and flattery.  Before they get some nookie, they know to give up the cookie.   On display is a male bonobo armed with two handfuls of sugar cane and a hard on. This is his way of flattering his babe. He offers her something sweet to eat and proudly flaunts his desire for her.

Monkey Man's Drink

Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s auntie!  Trading food for sex is where it all starts in the mating game, and it makes perfect sense, considering that love and food are our most primal drives.  This only encourages me to run with the work of a culinary seductress. To commemorate this revelation, I went to the Play bar on the first level of MoSEX to raise a glass in honor of the Monkey Man. His love potion consists of Dickel Tennessee whiskey, rum, banana liqueur, vanilla, cinnamon, pineapple, and lime. Appropriately hard and sweet.  My curiosity about the aphrodisiacal quotient of this concoction inspired the playful bartender to offer me a side shot of what exactly makes this drink so potent.  The Dickel.  Of course.  Cheers!

 “At a very instinctual level, we primitively know to woo with food and flattery.”

 How are you wooing?

 To your sexual appetite,

Honey L’Amour, a culinary seductress

Museum of Sex

233 Fifth Avenue @ 27th St.





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