Desire for Love

“Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men.” Song of Solomon 2:3 

Refresh Me With ApplesAs we all know, apples have a long history as a symbol for love and sex, they are a representation of the Goddess of Love and lovers have exchanged them as a token of their affection since the Ancient of Days.  It is a romantic and timeless love food.  If you carefully carve a heart into its peel and say “Love for me” while holding this thought as you bite clockwise around the fruit from where you first penetrated it, slowly consuming the heart and envisioning “the apple of your eye”, you will unite your own energies with those that exist in the apple and manifest the love you desire.

 As we approach Valentine’s Day, remember to give the love you desire.  We are always either attracting or repelling.  We attract to us what we first become and not until we send out love vibrations can we receive love in return.

 I am hosting a series of sessions on the practice of attracting your love interest with food.  Over a cocoa martini or red velvet coffee, your choice, we will discuss the aphrodisiacal powers of CHOCOLATE and learn how to make ‘Nipples of Venus’ bons bons as seen in the movie Chocolat!  There are only 8 spots open per session, so reserve your seat right away!

Be the lover you crave.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour

Psst! Reserve your seat today for the Cooking with love and CHOCOLATENipples of Venus’ experience.  Space is limited. Click here!


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