Better Than Sex

07-11-2015 Better Than Sex - SliceMy Dearest Sweet Food Lovers,

I know it is hard to believe, if not impossible to convince that anything could be better than being locked eye-to-eye with a lover who excites every cell in your body…whose touch sends chills through your very being and whose kiss opens you to intimacy that feels like ecstasy.  This is how my strawberry layered cake got its name.  It was baked in the company of a man whose 60% cacao colored lips inspired the dark chocolate-dipped strawberries that garnish it.  A rich creamy mousse fills the layers with luscious strawberry slices.  On a sugar high, we exchanged sweet nothings while we entertained one another with the delights in our presence.  The faint moans and whimpers that followed after each mouthful was evidence of the pleasure we experienced.  This is a welcome invitation for you to get you some.  See the “Better Than Sex” cake recipe below.

Sensuously yours,

Ms. L’Amour


Love is always the first ingredient in amorous cooking.

 = love stimulant ♥♥ = sexual desire stimulant


07-11-2015 Better Than Sex - Cake

Aphrodisiac References

Strawberries – Luscious Lips

Chocolate – Chocolate Obsession

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