Bonne Sante ~ La Cigogne

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A Love Cafe

I seemed destined to make a new friend in Jeremy Andre. I made his acquaintance at The Chocolate Room in Carroll Gardens last Sunday. He sat at a table beside me reading

“To Kill a Mocking Bird” as he sipped a vanilla milkshake. He seemed to be savoring a pleasurable moment to himself. Yet the guilt of such an indulgence had him offer me a taste of the extra shake that the waitress placed on his table.   He overheard me confessing my sins to her as if she could have saved me from the slice of triple-layer chocolate cake and red wine I had just finished.  Even still, I couldn’t resist yet another spoonful of sugar. Jeremy told me he co-owned a restaurant in the neighborhood.  He seemed slightly annoyed that I didn’t know of it since I only live a few blocks away from the place. I took the long way home, to walk off the dessert of…

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