Naked Cola Cake

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A Love Cafe

“I’m da Coke man, body like a Coke bottle, I crush it like a Coke can.” Jay-Z, Venus vs. Mars

Naked Cola CakeThe first thing people want to know about me is where I’m from.  As soon as I open my mouth to speak they suppose, from my sometimes languorous drawl, that I must be from the South.  My mannerism also is apparently another dead giveaway.  What’s interesting is that I’m not from the South, nor do I really claim any specific place as “home”.  My family is a band of gypsies and we have lived all across the United States.  I’m like an empty vessel and have filled it with bits and pieces from the various cultures and lifestyles of the places I’ve been and people I’ve been around.  Without a doubt; however, the South has a lot of sway in my ways.  Southerners are best known for their home-style cooking…

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