About Cafe L’Amour

 “A woman does well to be beautiful, mysterious, and witty, but it never hurts to cook good.”

10-19-2015-feels-good-bouquet-garniCooking is elevated to a ritual in my kitchen.  Everything I make is made with intention, the intention to express a selfless love given through the creative process of cooking.  Before I begin, the kitchen must be spotless, it is sacred space.  My kitchen is my sanctuary, it is where I transform raw and often inedible ingredients into pure deliciousness that nourishes the body and the soul.  For every recipe, I selectively choose ingredients for their specific qualities and base them upon the beloved eater’s preferences.  One of my personal favorite foods of love is the strawberry, the naturally heart-shaped, bright red fruit conveys its message with ease.  I ceremonially put everything in it’s place, measuring out each ingredient before I begin to cook, the French call this “mise en place”.  I burn an unscented candle, state my intention, turn on some good cooking music, like Herbie Hancock, and visualize the results while I prepare the dish.  Then magic happens, the aromas cast a silent spell as mouths salivate and crave what is being prepared.  Enchanted eyes feast upon the alter, my dining table, dressed with flowers, candles, place-settings and décor for whatever the occasion.  I fill the water and wine glasses, bring out the food and bless the table for a pleasurable time to savor the flavors of a love offering.  This is my kitchen, this is Café L’Amour, a Love Café.  Bonne Sante!

~ Gina 


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