Amorous Cookbook Collection



Café L’Amour Muah xoxo

50 Ways to Feed Your Lover: America’s Top Chefs Recipe Cookbook and Their Recipes and Secrets for Romance Janeen A. Sarlin, Jennifer Rosenfeld Saltiel
A Taste for Love: A Romantic Cookbook for Two Elizabeth Harbison, Mary McGowan
Aphrodisiacs: Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Hearing Paul Scott
Aphrodisiacs with a Twist Mark Sexauer
Booty Food: A Date By Date, Nibble by Nibble, Course by Course Guide to Cultivating Love and Passion Through Food Jacqui Malouf, Liz Gumbinner, Ben Fink
Cook To Bang Spencer Walker
Cooking with Aphrodisiacs: Create Passion on a Plate Cheryl Blevins DVD
Fork Me, Spoon Me: The Sensual Cookbook Amy Reiley
Heart on a Plate: Heart-Shaped Food For the Ones You Love Emma Marsden
Kiss My Bundt Chrysta Wilson
Lust-Have Recipes: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook C. Nzingha Smith
Neuroloveology: The Power of Mindful Love & Sex Dr. Ava Cadell Chapter 2 –The Ingredients of Love
Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & Veggies in Your Garden Helen Yoest
Romancing the Stove Amy Reiley
Simple Sexy Food: 101 Tasty Aphrodisiac Recipes and Sensual Tips to Stir Your Libido and Feed Your Love Dr. Linda De Villers
Temptations: Igniting the Pleasure and Power of Aphrodisiacs Michael & Ellen Albertson
The Cookbook of Everlasting Love: Sex on a Plate: Food as Foreplay Sharon Esther Lampert
The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook Martha Hopkins, Randall Lockridge
The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations for Lovers Diane Brown
The Sex Life of Food: When Body and Soul Meet to Eat Bunny Crumpacker
Venus in the Kitchen: Or Love’s Cookery Book Norman Douglas
Will Cook for Sex: A Guy’s Guide to Cooking Rocky Fino
Wisewoman’s   Cookery: Food, Sex & Merriment Shannon & Mary

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