Cookbook Review

Seductively Delicious

“Cook To Bang” by Spencer Walker

Cookbook Review

 05-23-2015 Cook To Bang - Cookbook Review - Asparagus SoupAlthough the recipes in “Cook To Bang” by Spencer Walker are “engineered to be delicious and seductive”, this cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes with ingredients thought to be aphrodisiacs.  This well written, funny, singles guide to cooking for romance offers intellectual advice in the art of seduction as well as in the art of cooking.  We are all familiar with the phrase “it’s not what you do, but how you do it”.  In this book, the title, “Cook To Bang” is used as an expression of the “how”.  For example, Spencer says that “you can be subtle and still move mountains…that is what Cook To Bang is all about.”   It’s about being subtle in your pursuit to seduce your dinner guest.  Indeed he refers to cooking to bang as an art, a crude art, “you must become a manipulative bastard to get what you want.”  As much as I hate to agree with him, I understand where he’s coming from.  It’s unfortunate that such a wonderful art form, such as expressing love through the kitchen can be considered manipulation, but it is true that when you strike the emotional love/food cord the warm fuzzies can overtake you.  A release of dopamine overcomes one with feel-good sensations making you, the cook, an attractive culinary Casanova.  Spencer calls it sexual power.  Another important point that he makes about cooking to bang is to spoil yourself, but to be sure to spoil your captive too.  Placing your attention on the one you desire allows you to cater to their preferences, this makes one feel appreciated, which generally will allow the cook favor with the diner.  However, Spencer warns against over doing it, “overdoing it will lead to waning interests.”  K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sexy), dear friends.

I tested his “Tap That Ass-paragus Soup” recipe and his “Stiffly Stuffed Avocado”.  A fancy soup and salad combo that healthfully feeds the libido and that is perfect for “lunch”.  The phallic asparagus is thought to invoke lust by its shape alone; however true, the folic acid found in asparagus nurtures both05-23-2015 Cook To Bang - Cookbook Review - Stuffed Avocado II male and females sex organs. Aphrodite’s sea pets were born to impart sensuality.  One of her knowing earthly representatives, Madame du Berry, a legendary seductress, served shrimp dipped in champagne sauce as a dish of seduction to her lovers.  And for the vitamin E loaded avocado, this teste shaped veggie assists the body in producing testosterone and estrogen which circulate in the bloodstream and stimulate sexual responses like clitoral swelling.  It’s safe to say that Spencer took his time engineering his recipes with these key aphrodisiacs.  This leads me to his last bit of cooking to bang advice, “anything worth accomplishing takes patience and planning”.

Practicing the art of seduction through cooking is about expressing your sensual desire and love for another through cooking with foods that excite passion and cater to the pleasure principle of the desired.  “Cook To Bang” guides you in one manner by which this can be done.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour


♥ = love stimulant ♥♥ = sexual desire stimulant


½ pound shrimp, cooked, tail removed and sliced down middle ♥♥
1 egg, hardboiled and chopped
½ red onion, diced
1 radish, diced
1 celery stalk, diced
1 jalapeno, diced
½ red pepper, diced
½ lime
1 tablespoon mayo
1 avocado, split lengthwise
Salt and pepper to taste
2 handfuls butter lettuce
DIRECTIONSMix the shrimp, egg, onion, radish, celery, jalapeno, and red pepper.  Squeeze ¼ of the lime juice into the mixture and mix in the mayo.  Remove avocado halves from their shell, stuff them with the shrimp mixture, place over a bed of lettuce.

Love Cakes

Strawberry Lemonade Picnic

Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes

Cake permeates love.  It is always special.  Recognition for those we cherish and wish well.  Dessert.  A reward for a job well done.  In ancient times cakes were used as offerings to the gods.  The indigenous would bake them in symbols that were representative of their beliefs and intentions.  We still practice some of these rituals today in the celebration of birthdays, weddings and other religious festivals.  Take for a moment the ceremonial tradition of closing your eyes, making a wish and blowing out the candles.  You believe your wish to come true as you partake in the first piece of your favorite cake.  The cake was baked especially for you with beautifully scripted icing across the middle that wishes you a very “Happy Birthday”.  This custom involves the idea that the act of eating words magically transfers the energies represented by those words to their eater.

I put much love and positive energy into baking these Love Cake and my only intention is to be a sweetheart, like ‘Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes’ (little heart cakes).  Testing Chrysta Wilson’s Strawberry Lemonade Picnic Cake recipe from her sensuous cookbook, Kiss My Bundt, the cakelettes prevailed.  Chrysta dishes out some “ol’ time cake baking from the south religion” passed down to her from her auntie.  Her cookbook unveils timeless secrets to making bundt cakes, like the necessity of incorporating air into your batter. This recipe makes an impressive picnic dessert.  It captures the essence of an ideal picnic in a piece of cake.  It is delightfully delicious.

03-22-2015 Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes - Strawberry Lemonade Picnic - Picnic BasketShe must also know that picnics are a lover’s favorite rite. An everything “made- from- scratch”, love charged, basket with aphrodisiacs is “booty”! You have to read Booty Food to better understand what this means, just know that it’s good for romancing with food.  Anything made from scratch and that is prepared the night before when packing a picnic basket comes from the heart and gifts from the heart get “booty”.  This picnic love cake recipe has a lot of sex appeal as is evidenced by the fact that the acclaimed aphrodisiac, the luscious strawberry, is a star ingredient .  As you know, strawberries are one of many love bearing plants in the garden of Venus.  The human mind is subtly turned on by the sight of objects suggestive of genitals as are strawberries and the freckles on their flesh are high in zinc, which is essential in the production of testosterone.  They are also high in vitamin C which keeps sperm from clinging together in immobile clusters, this enables more intense, longer lasting orgasms.  Save a few fresh strawberries couple with your cakelettes.  Picnics are versatile.  Have one spread out in your living room on a lux blanket covered in rose petals and surrounded by candles.  This is what Sacred Seduction coined the “LRP”.  Or take it to your bed and finger feed your lounging lover.  Love Cakes are just the right size to transport where ever the lovers choose to feast.

03-22-2015 Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes - Strawberry Lemonade Picnic - PedestalChrysta is adamant about cookware and recommends a large bundt pan by Nordic Ware, she says, the cake turns out “…like a woman with all the right curves”.  I ordered the elegant heart-shaped bundt and the heart-shaped cakelet pan.  It makes six little cakes.  The cakelette is equivalent to Chrysta’s mini bundt.  Be prepared to take your time preparing this recipe.  In so doing, see the pleasure you are creating.  To get the intense strawberry flavor that Chrysta achieves with this recipe, she calls for a strawberry smash that is made with fresh strawberries and must cool completely before it can be used in the cake batter.  The flavors of both strawberry and lemon are intensified throughout the recipe.  Strawberry flavored gelatin is added for both flavor and color, while the lemon zest and lemon extract make the lemon flavors very distinct.  Since my cakelettes are “self-decorated”, the lemon glaze is the perfect accent.  A charming dessert that’s ready to go on a picnic and impart love on all who partake.

The cake recipes in Kiss My Bundt are crafted for bold flavor built on the foundation of a batter that consistently produces a moist, rich cake.  I’m just waiting for cherry season to make Chyrsta’s Aphrodisiac Cherry Vanilla Almond Cake, in the mean time, there are plently others that will be celebrated.

The tradition of sweet cakes is long lived and will forever more be special.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour

P.S. – This post reminds me of last summer’s picnic season.  See “Honey’s Booty Picnic” and “The Pleasure Principle”.

03-22-2015 Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes - Strawberry Lemonade Picnic - Picnic Table


 = love stimulant ♥♥ = sexual desire stimulant


The recipe tested for this post is found in the “Kiss My Bundt” sensuous baking cookbook by Chrysta Wilson.

03-22-2015 Le Petit Coeur Cakelettes - Strawberry Lemonade Picnic - Ingredients

Cooking Instructions:

Recite the ‘love cake’ chant as you whisk the lemon juice and powdered sugar in a clockwise motion to glaze the cake.

Love Cake Chant

Heart-shaped cakes that I bake

sweet love to all who partake