The Darkest Night

Santa's Cookies

Santa’s Cookie Plate by Gina’s Kitchen Musings

Today is Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun!  It is recognized as the day that the sun stands still.  From the northern hemisphere, it appears as though the sun and moon have stopped moving across the sky.  This longest night of the year is a threshold in time followed by the renewal of days filled with sunshine.  There are many rituals, recipes and lore observed at this time of year and sharing food is an important part of any celebration. Baking and exchanging cookies during the winter solstice is a gesture of love and goodwill that I enjoy doing for my family and friends.

Millionaire's Shortbread

Millionaire’s Shortbread

On the chilly Friday evening that I stopped in my neighborhood liquor store, Carroll Gardens Wines & Liquor, to purchase a bottle of dark rum, an ingredient called for in a recipe for Buttered Rum Melt-Aways that I got from “Martha Stewart’s Cookies” cookbook, I was in the middle of discussing with Phil, the owner, what type of rum I needed when a man walked in, smelling like he had just smoked a fresh bowl weed, and interrupted our conversation.  The man proceeded to aggressively pursue me, saying that he wanted to taste whatever it was that I was making.  What came next took me by surprise.  Phil demanded that the aggressor leave his liquor store immediately!  Phil was intolerable of the man’s strong advances towards me.  The man became irate.  Phil then came from behind the counter, confronted the aggressor head on and showed him to the door.  This only further upset the man who angrily shouted obscenities causing the liquor store stocker to stop what he was doing to assist the owner.  I frequent this store and Phil and his crew know me by name but never did I expect that they would “protect” me.  Phil told me that he would have defended his own daughter or wife in the same manner.  For the first time, my nomadic spirit felt “at home”.

Raspberry Cream Sandwiches

Raspberry Cream Sandwiches

We continued our discussion about the rum after the aggressor was off and on his way.  Phil told me that Gosling’s dark rum was the original rum used in the classic cocktail, “Dark & Stormy”.  On my way home I made one more stop to pick up the ginger beer so that I could make this classic while I baked the melt-aways, of which, a special batch was set aside for my friends at the liquor store.  I hope the Friello family feels the same warmth I did on that “dark & stormy” night they stood up for me.

Cheers and Best Wishes!

All packaged and ready to share!

All packaged and ready to share!


Whipping up Bliss – Amorous Cooking Workshop

01-24-2015 Cooking with Love and Chocolate - Honey L'Amour TablescapeBrrrrrrrr, it was nippy in Brooklyn this past weekend.  The crisp air and howling winds whispered freezing threats, warning us all to stay in.  But that didn’t stop me and my HangWiz friends from participating in my first amorous cooking experience, “Cooking with Love & Chocolate at Café L’Amour”.  I woke up early to prepare for the workshop.  I had to finish typing up the handouts with the recipes and other fascinating stories about the aphrodisiacal power of chocolate.  Then of course everything had to be “mise en place”.  It was my vision that everything would flow like a Food Network cooking show.  All of the ingredients for the Nipples of Venus bonbons were measured out on a display table with the proper cooking tools.  On a separate table, I prepared a Valentine’s Day tablescape of pink and red to demonstrate that cooking with love is more than just cooking.  Engaging all of the senses equally is the sensuous activity of this craft.  The mood fit the learning occasion as I lit candles from the doorway to the kitchen and played Andre 3000’s “The Love Below” in the background to emphasize that every day truly is the 14th (of February), which is designated as “lover’s day”.  To warm up my guests as they arrived, I offered them a hot cacao martini served up with whipped cream and one of my charming butter Kinky Kookies.  A class I’ll offer at a later date.  The presentation answered the why and how chocolate is an aphrodisiac, which led into the rich history of where the Nipples of Venus bonbons originated.  We melted chocolate over simmer water, tempered it until it was perfect for coating our bonbons, played with food coloring to change white chocolate pink and red.  We even thought to write sweet nothings for our Valentines to accompany our handmade goodie bags.  My guests and I genuinely enjoyed an atmosphere filled with the magic of romance and learned much about the joy of cooking with love.  I hope that you will join me in a future session on a mission to nurture lovers in intimate relationships, from the stomach to the heart.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour

01-24-2015 Cooking with Love and Chocolate - Nipples of Venus - White01-24-2015 Cooking with Love and Chocolate - Honey Kookies Nipps

Desire for Love

“Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men.” Song of Solomon 2:3 

Refresh Me With ApplesAs we all know, apples have a long history as a symbol for love and sex, they are a representation of the Goddess of Love and lovers have exchanged them as a token of their affection since the Ancient of Days.  It is a romantic and timeless love food.  If you carefully carve a heart into its peel and say “Love for me” while holding this thought as you bite clockwise around the fruit from where you first penetrated it, slowly consuming the heart and envisioning “the apple of your eye”, you will unite your own energies with those that exist in the apple and manifest the love you desire.

 As we approach Valentine’s Day, remember to give the love you desire.  We are always either attracting or repelling.  We attract to us what we first become and not until we send out love vibrations can we receive love in return.

 I am hosting a series of sessions on the practice of attracting your love interest with food.  Over a cocoa martini or red velvet coffee, your choice, we will discuss the aphrodisiacal powers of CHOCOLATE and learn how to make ‘Nipples of Venus’ bons bons as seen in the movie Chocolat!  There are only 8 spots open per session, so reserve your seat right away!

Be the lover you crave.

Sensuously yours,

Honey L’Amour

Psst! Reserve your seat today for the Cooking with love and CHOCOLATENipples of Venus’ experience.  Space is limited. Click here!